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Not only will you walk the unique terroir, see the vines, and learn how the grapes transform into natural wine, but you'll also absorb the history and local culture that have been essential to the flowering of these dynamic traditions in uniquely different regions. You'll enjoy farm-to-table cuisine, eat like a local, and gain unique cultural insight along the way. You’ll see some of the most dramatic scenery, often taking the road less traveled.


MAR 26th - APR 1st

The cultural heart of Spain with its castles, bold wines, heritage and famous roast suckling pig and lamb.

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JUN 17th - JUN 24th

A natural wine mecca with Mediterranean charm.

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JUL 30th - AUG 6th

The wild and beautiful northwest coast and the end of the famed El Camino.

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OCT 7th - OCT 15th

Famous for flamenco, bull fighting, tapas and Moorish flare.

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